16 December, 2012

It is free

When I walk around in Second Life I has found some interesting places that I want to show, but I also find free things that is not the usual freebies but rather objects made by Lindens or moles, moles are creative builders that help Linden Labs to make nice and public things. I shall in this post show some objects you can find in the Info Hubs of Zindra.

In the Safe Hubs of Arapaima, Nelsonia, Ungren and Vilania you can find:

* “3c - Yangyin flower planter” is an S shaped build that is made to put plants in, this object is free to copy and is only for decoration.

* “Waiting Module” is a build with 4 sit positions and light that is a bit to big and strong, but this module is full permission and it is not hard to change it, it has also a great sit script that can be good to study if you want to do an own chair.

* “Water Splash – Garden” is an invisible splash generator that sit around the edges of Safe Hubs in water, to be able to see it and take a copy you has to press Alt-Ctrl-T. This is a very nice object if you want to design your won ocean environment.

In the Oritz Info Hub there is a chair and a sofa for sale for Zero Lindens, you can find them under the stairs here, all chairs and sofas here are the same but for some reason is not all for sale.

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