29 December, 2012

Some more free things

There is many free things in Second Life in freebie stores but I like the free things you can find in Linden Labs lands and things owned by LDPW (Linden Department of Public Works), there is some known LDPW stores but also many free things you just has to discover when you are walking over the lands of Second Life.

Here is a small list of things I has found by my self and with help of some friends:

* A simple barrel made by Ben Linden, free to copy at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Popke%20Tal/110/92/28

* In the North Reservoir there is many things that are free to copy or buy for 0L, but my friends favorite was the Bubble Grille made by Garden Mole, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Pengallen%20Bridge/198/240/20

* A sinuous bench made by the Garden Mole, it do contain some sit animations and a good sit script, free to copy ay http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Bronlen/126/94/35

* In the protected land of Aidon can you find fish and plants that is free to copy and it is not plants from the Linden library, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aidon/146/114/11

* A simple Second Life stone hand that is free to copy can be found in Trinoo, it is made by Silent Mole but so easy to make it may not be any point in copying it, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Trinoo/204/56/9

* In Port of Karma there is a board where you can buy several houses and objects in Zindera style, http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mosh/115/69/30

I know about more places with free things but I keep them for my self until a later time.

16 December, 2012

It is free

When I walk around in Second Life I has found some interesting places that I want to show, but I also find free things that is not the usual freebies but rather objects made by Lindens or moles, moles are creative builders that help Linden Labs to make nice and public things. I shall in this post show some objects you can find in the Info Hubs of Zindra.

In the Safe Hubs of Arapaima, Nelsonia, Ungren and Vilania you can find:

* “3c - Yangyin flower planter” is an S shaped build that is made to put plants in, this object is free to copy and is only for decoration.

* “Waiting Module” is a build with 4 sit positions and light that is a bit to big and strong, but this module is full permission and it is not hard to change it, it has also a great sit script that can be good to study if you want to do an own chair.

* “Water Splash – Garden” is an invisible splash generator that sit around the edges of Safe Hubs in water, to be able to see it and take a copy you has to press Alt-Ctrl-T. This is a very nice object if you want to design your won ocean environment.

In the Oritz Info Hub there is a chair and a sofa for sale for Zero Lindens, you can find them under the stairs here, all chairs and sofas here are the same but for some reason is not all for sale.

14 December, 2012

Get a real life!

Some time ago there was a grief in Second Life and the griefer did scream something in line with “Second Life losers, get a first life”, but folk that say things like that may self has problems or maybe not has the capacity to think logical.

If I just now should log out from my Second Life and do some Real Life things I had sat down alone to watch TV, folk had then say “But you can go out and have fun”, but they do so without realize that it is -10C (14F) here, dark and that I has to travel around 30 minutes to get to a good bar, I also need to save money so I can not hang in bars and clubs all days just to get a “RL”.

I can be creative and draw things on paper, but that is just creativity that only I can see unless I scan it and share it on s social web pabe like “deviantART”, in Second Life I can share my creativity with others, I maybe not know them personally but it is a shared experience and there for better than an experience I not can share with anyone and even more interactive than other social medias where I can share things.

Let me quote Peter Sunde from the Pirate Bay, "Everything is in real life, so Second Life is to have a Real Life, but to use Second Life too much can be a problem, but even to much TV, to much playing on horses and to much sex can be a problem, so Second Life is not in any way separated from the real life.

I even think that Second Life can be a tool for some to be able to do more in “real life”, it is an under rated help tool and for handicapped people that not is able to get out of the bed can Second Life be a form of freedom.

This is not real, but it beats Television.

10 December, 2012

The Safe Hubs of Zindra

If a server crash and you has no home position or your home is unavailable you can end up in an Info Hub almost anywhere in Second Life, but if you are Adult Verified you will end up in one of Zindra’s five Info Hubs, four of those are called Safe Hub.

The first time folks come here they can get a bit confused, for you will see a strange mix of avatars that stand in a group without do anything and where very few is using the local chat to say anything of interest, they may also see nude men with erected penises beside a yellow pony and that will not help a newcomer to understand this place.

There is same rules in all of Linden Labs Info Hub's, this rules are;
* No shooting, blood, or violence.
* No buying, selling, begging, or recruiting.
* No sex, nudity, or offensive language.
* No annoying, repetitive, or adult sounds.

But there is often users in the Safe Hub that is always play annoying sounds non stop, there is sales bots selling things there at a permanent basis, vampires do use the Safe Hubs to recruit new folks, some is only here to grief and harass users and many men like to go around there just to show of their penis, so the question is; where are the Lindens, where is the moderation and who shall see to that this rules is followed in all the safe hubs?

Visual spam from sale bot that always is here.
Now it sounds like the Safe Hubs in Zindra is bad places to be in, but that it not true, you can meet great folks here and see all kind of nice avatars and even get a great laughter when what looks like bizarre avatars for you drops in, but remember that avatars that looks bizarre for you may be normal for them and that other may think you look bizarre.

Sexy or bizarre?
So I do often return to the Safe Hubs just to look and talk to folks, but we has to remember that Safe Hubs is not made be social spots, if we want to be social it may be better to be so in a normal Info Hub or to go to any other popular meeting place in Second Life.

06 December, 2012

The Cat and the Doe.

When I signed up for Second Life I selected to look like a girl with a black leather jacket, but I learn how to change my avatar and when I entered Second Life I looked like a human raccoon, then I ended up in NCI at Kuula where I got help with some to find some free avatars like a reindeer that I liked.

I did get some help to modify my reindeer and it did become a small doe, but it was still nude and I remembered that I already had some free clothes that I have found in Stillman, but it would take some time before I could find an outfit that I would like, during that time I found some earrings in Rizal and did colour my hair to match them, that later gave me a funny surprise.

My plan was never to keep this avatar, I had started to collect money to buy (what I thought was) a better avatar, during that time I got more and more attached to the small doe even I knew that I had to change avatar to be able to explore some parts of Second Life.

But one day I got lucky and found a friend that helped me to get a Blue Galaxy Feline avatar that became my main avatar, but some times I still use the small doe and when I do so I often feel a bit more childish in a playful way.

03 December, 2012

First test post

My name is Hexapoda and I live in Second Life that is a world within the cyberspace, I did come here to escape the boredom of television and to see if I could find something interesting to do during the could and dark winter season.

In Second Life did I become a Blue Galaxy Feline or a furry, a furry is an animal with human characteristics like Tony the tiger or Esso's tiger that some time act like a human.

I am not into the furry fandom and before I did come to Second Life I did know little about this subject, but I has always like this type of characters from films as Fritz the Cat and even series like Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny, and who does not like (or love) Lola Bunny?

I has no big plan for this blog and the truth is that I do not know what I shall write about, but I has small ideas that did come from my quest to find a descent nude beach in Second Life, that is harder than it sounds due to an odd view of the word "open minded" and even for a strange kind of racism in Second Life.