09 September, 2015

What did happen?

I did not like to blog and therefore it has been pretty quiet here, now I have created a Youtube channel that probably will be sa inactive as mine blog when I lose interest in it
Just now has my channel a stange url: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7JI08geC6NDfetiQltsm_Q

13 January, 2015

My Blog is Broken.

I had forgot that I made this blog and when I did find it again did I see that most of my images was missing, so I did remove all posts that had no images and now I wonder if I shall go on here or find another place.

06 December, 2012

The Cat and the Doe.

When I signed up for Second Life I selected to look like a girl with a black leather jacket, but I learn how to change my avatar and when I entered Second Life I looked like a human raccoon, then I ended up in NCI at Kuula where I got help with some to find some free avatars like a reindeer that I liked.

I did get some help to modify my reindeer and it did become a small doe, but it was still nude and I remembered that I already had some free clothes that I have found in Stillman, but it would take some time before I could find an outfit that I would like, during that time I found some earrings in Rizal and did colour my hair to match them, that later gave me a funny surprise.

My plan was never to keep this avatar, I had started to collect money to buy (what I thought was) a better avatar, during that time I got more and more attached to the small doe even I knew that I had to change avatar to be able to explore some parts of Second Life.

But one day I got lucky and found a friend that helped me to get a Blue Galaxy Feline avatar that became my main avatar, but some times I still use the small doe and when I do so I often feel a bit more childish in a playful way.

03 December, 2012

First test post

My name is Hexapoda and I live in Second Life that is a world within the cyberspace, I did come here to escape the boredom of television and to see if I could find something interesting to do during the could and dark winter season.

In Second Life did I become a Blue Galaxy Feline or a furry, a furry is an animal with human characteristics like Tony the tiger or Esso's tiger that some time act like a human.

I am not into the furry fandom and before I did come to Second Life I did know little about this subject, but I has always like this type of characters from films as Fritz the Cat and even series like Yogi Bear and Bugs Bunny, and who does not like (or love) Lola Bunny?

I has no big plan for this blog and the truth is that I do not know what I shall write about, but I has small ideas that did come from my quest to find a descent nude beach in Second Life, that is harder than it sounds due to an odd view of the word "open minded" and even for a strange kind of racism in Second Life.